Vainess is finishing her first semester of business administration at the top of her class!

A short interview with Vainess.

Our scholarship recipient, Vainess, has proven to be the most outstanding student in the first year of her Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration and Finance at St. John’s University in Dodoma. Her outstanding achievement is impressive proof that girls in Tanzania can also excel and realize their dreams if they receive the right support.

Vainess scored an impressive 4.8 out of 5 in its first year of study.

Recently, I conducted a brief interview with Vainess to learn more about the reasons behind their top performance. This is especially impressive given the fact that she topped a class of 257 total students, including 202 boys and only 55 girls!

Question: What made you the best student in your class?

Vainess: I think several factors contributed to that. First of all, I am on fire for the topics we have covered. My strong interest motivated me to study the material intensively. We also received a course on self-organization at the beginning of the program, which helped me a lot, especially in time management. This allowed me to complete tasks efficiently and have enough time to study and prepare for tests and exams. Finally, I was fortunate to meet dedicated teachers who supported and encouraged me. My heartfelt thanks also go to SCHULBANK! Thanks to your support, I was able to concentrate fully on my studies without having to worry about money. This has helped me tremendously!