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Educational misery in Tanzania

Qualified education is the exception rather than the rule in Tanzania’s state schools. Parents who have the opportunity send their child to a private school.

At a glance

  • Scholarships from elementary school to university
  • Scholarships only for half and full orphans
  • No program to promote elites
  • Equal treatment of religion, gender and sexuality

Frequently asked questions

Applicants for one of our scholarships must be orphans or parents. In addition, there must be a financial need on the part of the parent or legal guardian, which means that the costs of attending school at one of our partner schools are not possible. Finally, applicants must demonstrate mental and social stability.

Basically, we try to reflect the social cross-section of Tanzania among our scholarship holders. We do not differentiate between genders, religious affiliations or sexual orientations.

The deductible of the scholarship holders or their legal guardians is one of our basic principles. It expresses the appreciation of the scholarship recipients for SCHULBANK, thus reducing deadweight effects and also expressing the seriousness of the legal guardians.

Depending on the educational path of the individual, the following years can be expected: primary school 7 years, secondary school 4+2 years, training 2 years, colleges up to 3 years, university from 3 years.

If the school grades are bad, we know this before the certificates are awarded. It is precisely for these situations that our mentors are in close contact with scholarship holders, their teachers and parents or guardians. We also have the opportunity to provide these students with appropriate support in the form of private tuition. And if a class has to be repeated, then that’s no drama for SCHULBANK. A real learning disability is never a reason to withdraw the scholarship prematurely.

SCHULBANK cooperates almost exclusively with private schools in order to maintain an acceptable level of education compared to state schools. In this way, our scholarship holders have equal opportunities compared to students whose parents have the means to avoid the educational shortage at state schools. An important argument is the fact that English is the school language during primary school at private schools, which makes the transition to secondary school, where English is also the language of instruction, much easier.

The candidates are selected in two steps. First of all, all formal requirements are checked by our team in Iringa and interviews and home visits are carried out. The resulting group of applicants will then be discussed in a German-Tanzanian committee and finally prioritized.


We are reachable! SCHULBANK is still so small that the person you are talking to still knows the work and challenges in Tanzania personally.