Are our children still learning?

Findings from Uwezo Tanzania’s latest 2019 learning status report.

Tanzania fears severe drought

Currently, the living situation here in Tanzania is becoming more and more frightening. The cost of living is high and it seems that Tanzanians have given up. In recent years, prices for foodstuffs such as rice and ugali flour have doubled.

When the grandma has to replace the mother.

Gloria’s grandmother is to be thanked from the bottom of her heart, because she is a brave woman, a fighter with sincere love, who fought for everything your granddaughter Gloria needed for a good education.

Studying while pregnant.

Pregnancy is an exciting and life-changing time. However, it does not mean that I have to give up my studies.

Philipp’s Volontariat 2022

“The true benefit has become clear to me, contrary to my expectation, precisely not by those who benefit from Schulbank, but by those who could have benefited from Schulbank.”

Book tip: Africa is being poor-governed or How to really help Africa.

For anyone critically engaged with Africa’s problems, an inspiring book by Volker Seitz, who mentions SCHULBANK as a lighthouse project.

Our new office in Iringa. Caribou Sana!

Even if our previous container had a lot of charm, we are pleased about our new office in the center of Iringa.