SCHULBANK Stipediaten in Iringa, Tansania

Without question, there will also be school construction projects in Tanzania that have successfully transitioned into Tanzanian operations. And perhaps even financial independence from Western donors could be achieved. There is little chance of this happening and of these projects being truly sustainable.

For our small organization we have chosen a different way, asking ourselves the following question: Why don’t we use existing educational institution with a good educational level? Thus, with a scholarship we would not only directly help the students, but also indirectly financially support the successful school concepts of the respective principals and teachers. These lighthouse schools, even if they are privately run and pursue economic interests, can thus serve as a model for the further development of other schools in the surrounding area.

Our attitude towards self-responsibility and sovereignty of the country can also be optimally implemented in these educational cooperations.

One of the basic requirements for cooperation with educational institutions is an above-average level of education, which offers secure development opportunities for our scholarship holders and investment security for our biulding sponsors.

No less important is an existing sense of responsibility as an institution for poorer social groups. By reducing tuition for our scholarship recipients, they must fulfill this responsibility.

Furthermore, it is important to us that our values are in line with those of SCHULABNK in important respects. Here, for example, the equal treatment of boys and girls, Muslims and Christians, or the treatment in the education and punishment of students should be mentioned.

Our partners

High quality schools, colleges and universities

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New partner school with social goals: St. James Secondary School

A school that statutorily allocates 40% of its places to needy children must be a SCHULBANK partner school.
Uwezo Report 2012

Quality education for all

Partnerships with responsibility

Every educational institution that cooperates with SCHULBANK shares a sense of responsibility for the poorest in society. For example, schools and colleges commit to reduce their tuition fees by up to 50% for SCHULBANK scholarship recipients.

At a glance

  • Scholarships from elementary school to university
  • Scholarships only for half and full orphans
  • No program to promote elites
  • Equal treatment of religion, gender and sexuality


We are reachable! SCHULBANK is still so small that the person you are talking to still knows the work and challenges in Tanzania personally.