In the Human Development Index, Tanzania ranked only 151 out of 188 in 2016. Germany is in 4th place.

Tanzania is the fifth largest country in Africa in terms of its 56.3 million inhabitants. It borders 6 East African countries as well as the Indian Ocean. The seat of government is Dodoma in the interior, and the capital is Dar es Salaam, on Tanzania’s east coast.

Two aspects played an important role in our decision to support the country. Democratic Tanzania has long been considered politically stable, so that we can assume that our personal commitment and the donations of our supporters will be secure in the future. And although Tanzania always occupies one of the top places in the rankings of the poorest countries, the country is not plagued by life-threatening climate and famine crises. In this way, as a small organization, we find stable conditions for our program.

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Southern plateau

Where support arrives less frequently and is needed more often.

The south of Tanzania is characterized by intensive agriculture and is considered the granary of the country. The associated “migration” of seasonal workers has in the past contributed to the already very high HIV rate in Tanzania, in the southern part of the country again reaches its sad peak and the population is overwhelmed with the number of orphans left behind.

However, the “center of concentration” of aid organizations in Tanzania is in the north of the country, where perhaps the infrastructure and proximity to large cities make the work easier.

Reason enough for us to move to the southern high mountains of Tanzania, where support arrives less frequently but is needed more often.

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Second home of the SCHULBANK family

The Iringa region is as large as the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is home to around 960,000 inhabitants (2017). Its capital is Iringa City, located at 1,300 m above sea level. M. and, with a population of around 160,000 (2017), is an important hub for transport, trade and tourism. And despite the fact that the city is growing enormously and attracting people from the surrounding areas, it still has the charm of a small town.

Typical for Tanzania, Iringa is also characterized by the harmonious coexistence of Christians and Muslims.

Along with Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and one or two other major cities, Iringa is one of the country’s important educational centers. Major Tanzanian universities have opened their branches in Iringa and many successful schools in the country are located in Iringa.

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SCHOOL BANK Office (Iringa)

Our base in the heart of Iringa Boma

Since the beginning of 2019, SCHULBANK has made its home in the Kaundama Building at the bus station, right in the heart of Iringa City.

Our office is not only a workplace for the team, but above all a meeting place for and with our fellows. Especially the youngest ones like to stop by after school to pick up a piece of candy from our big candy jar.