Khairaty becomes head girl at St. James Secondary School.

A report from Khairaty.

January 2023, I arrived at St. James Secondary School feeling somewhat anxious and nervous about what the next 4 years would bring. I am extremely grateful that the school makes me feel so comfortable in the new environment.

I am now in first grade and very pleased to say that I am the school’s newest student body president after the general school election held on September 20, 2023. I was overjoyed and with me, my fellow scholarship holders from Schulbank e.V..

This role is one that I have always dreamed of, so I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given. Overall, I am very proud to be able to represent such an amazing school for a year and be a positive role model for others. I also look forward to the challenges this role will bring as it will enhance my personal development in all areas of life.

The application process was a real challenge because there were many other outstanding girls who were also running. First, I had to write an application for an interview to be a Senior Prefect, explaining my involvement with the school and my activities outside of school, such as clubs and extracurricular activities. During the interview with the school administration, I had to indicate whether I wanted to be considered as a school representative. After that, they would announce if I was eligible for the shortlist.

After a nervous wait, I learned that I had been shortlisted, and I was delighted about that, but also a little nervous about what the next phase would entail. I decided to just be myself and do my best, and luckily, when I finished my interview, I was really happy with how it had gone. Finally, when my name was announced as the new Head Girl, I was overjoyed and proud of what I had accomplished. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me and my supporters.

During my time as Head Girl, I will be fully involved in school activities and play on the school netball team. In general, sports teams have been a big part of my school life.

I feel that all of these things, along with a positive attitude towards everything that comes my way, contributed to me being selected as the school’s president. I also feel that all of my teachers provided me with extensive support and encouragement during my time at school, which gave me the confidence to apply for this role.

This year I am looking forward to being the Head Girl, working with our Head Boy Felix, the Senior Prefects team, and being a good, positive role model for other students in the school and for the Schulbank e.V. family.

I hope to live up to the high standards set by previous student body officers, and I intend to be a positive and enthusiastic leader in my first grade class, as the youngest student body officer ever selected at this school.

Thanks a lot

Yours Khairaty Kasiki
St. James Kilolo Secondary School.