When the grandma has to replace the mother.

A thank you to Bibi Maimuna.
By Edgar Mgembe.

Tanzania today is very different than it used to be, if the stories of my 90-year-old grandfather are to be believed.

There are many things happening in Tanzania these days that are having a major impact on people’s lives in all areas. One of the things that has been greatly affected by the changes in Tanzania is childcare. Growing up in a safe, quiet, peaceful and loving environment is one of the basic rights of children. When I speak of a child here, I mean a person under the age of 18, and most of all, my topic concerns children under the age of 7, who need especially close parental care at that age. Since time immemorial, the responsibility for the upbringing of children has rested with parents, i.e. fathers and mothers, especially mothers. If one of them drops out for unavoidable reasons such as death or illness, close relatives take over this responsibility. Thus, the child is well educated from birth to independence.

I am writing today about Mama Maimuna John, 53 years old, grandmother of our student Gloria Mlula. This woman was Gloria’s mother from the day she was born until today, when she is completing her primary education at Star International Primary School. Congratulations to Gloria on completing her elementary education on October 22, 2022.

Bibi Maimuna is the most precious thing in the life of our student Gloria Mlula. It is important to know that Gloria’s mother became pregnant when she herself was in Form 2 at Highland Secondary School here in Iringa and due to circumstances had to drop out of school because of the pregnancy. Gloria’s father was a boy from Gloria’s mother’s class, so he was not able to take care of the mother or the child. After this incident he fled and is still missing today. Gloria’s mother had major problems during childbirth due to her young age, resulting in a severe stroke that left one leg and one arm unable to function at 100%.

Gloria’s grandmother is to be thanked from the bottom of her heart, because she is a brave woman, a fighter with sincere love, who fought for everything your granddaughter Gloria needed for a good education. There are so many success stories, but Mama Maimuna’s deserves the prize of honor, even if Gloria’s educational journey is still long. All the best for our Gloria and congratulations to her foster mom Mama Maimuna John. It deserves an award from the Tanzanian community.

Gloria will be attending St James Kilolo Sec School in January 2023 for her Ordinary Level Sec School studies.

Hongera sana Mama Maimuna. Hongera Mtoto Gloria