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Yes, I will take on an educational sponsorship!

With my sponsorship contribution of EUR 30 per month, I support a scholarship holder in the SCHULBANK education program.

Become a Sponsor

Become part of the SCHULBANK family and help fund the scholarship of one of our students.

In doing so, you are never alone, but always share your commitment with Tanzanian supporters who fulfill their responsibility for the next generation.

At a glance

  • With your contribution you support a selected student(s)

    Your sponsorship contributions of EUR 30 per month are used exclusively to finance school fees and ancillary school costs. If surpluses or deficits occur over time due to varying school costs, they are offset through a fund.

  • You decide in which educational phase you would like to support.

    You can choose at which stage of their educational journey you would like to support scholarship recipients.

  • Each sponsorship begins with a personal conversation.

    It is very important for us to get to know the new godmother or godmother personally and to be sure that all open questions can be clarified and ideas about the program can be fulfilled.

  • Sponsorship contributions are not spent on administrative costs.

    All travel expenses and administrative costs are covered by SCHULBANK members and individual donors.

  • Sponsorship contributions are collected monthly via a standing debit.

    This way we can keep the accounting efforts low and spend our time on further development.

  • Your sponsorship contributions are tax deductible.

    As a non-profit recognized association, we will issue you a donation receipt after one year.

  • With your support you do not enter into any contractual commitment.


We are reachable! SCHULBANK is still so small that the person you are talking to still knows the work and challenges in Tanzania personally.