With a scholarship to top grades throughout Tanzania.

Because of your top grades, Niwaheri was awarded a special certificate of recognition from the state. A letter to the SCHULBANK family.

My name is Niwaheri Filipatali, I live in Iringa, Tanzania and I am 18 years old. I was born on July 3, 2004 and I am the oldest child in my family. Since birth I have lived with my family, my mother Esther Joseph, my father Amon Godfrey, my three younger sisters Jorino, Hellen and Neema and my younger brother Elisha.

My parents are small farmers here in Iringa, they run small businesses like selling vegetables they depend on. I started my school career in 2009 at Mkimbizi Primary School and moved to Ukmbozi Primary School in 2010, where I attended grades 1 to 7.

In conclusion, this seven-year primary school period was very successful, even if it was a bit difficult for me, especially in the first and second grade. In the third grade, I was the best student in our class of almost 90 students.
From then on, my performance improved day by day and my parents encouraged me a lot and supported me wherever it was necessary and possible so that nothing would stand in my way during my school years. My primary school years ended in 2016 with a national examination in five subjects, where I scored an A in all subjects.

After I finished seventh grade, the principal of my elementary school, Mr. Isaya, selected me along with two other students from my class for the SCHOOL BANK scholarship program at Spring Valley Girls Secondary School. That was from 2017 to 2020 for my regular secondary school years.
During my four years at this school, I was the best student in all subjects from first to fourth grade and also the best student in all science and art for four years.

After graduating from Spring Valley Girls Sec School, I participated in the national exams and managed to get the highest score in my exams, so I was selected by the state to study at Tabora Girls Sec School for gifted/talented students. The school is located in the Tabora region. However, my choice was to attend college to receive training in obstetrics and gynecology. I am very grateful to Edgar from SCHULBANK for helping me to find a very good college, Tanzania Training Center for International Health TTCH in Ifakara Morogoro – Tanzania, where I completed my three years of medical studies.

I started college last year in October and just finished my freshman year with excellent results. I became the best student in Tanzania in my field. Due to my good performance during the academic year, I was awarded a special certificate of recognition from the country for my achievements.

The environment at the college is very good and I enjoy my studies very much. I will continue to give my all in the new academic year to achieve my biggest dream in life: To become a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. My second year of study begins today, October 21, 2022, and runs through September 2023.

Many thanks to the SCHULBANK family

Thank you very much.
Niwaheri Filipatali
Iringa, 21.10.2022