Studying while pregnant.

A letter from a scholarship recipient to the SCHULBANK family.

Pregnancy is an exciting and life-changing time. However, it does not mean that I have to give up my studies.

Over the years, University Student Support has helped dozens of female students achieve their qualifications while pregnant.

It is not nice for parents, guardians or sponsors to learn that their daughter is pregnant while she is studying at the university. In reality, it is a shame, but since it happened to me, I have no choice but to ask for forgiveness and promise that I will fight to graduate with good grades.

To deal with this situation, here’s what I do.

Coping with morning sickness
Morning sickness (or “all-day sickness,” as it should be called!) can be debilitating for many women in the first trimester. It was really difficult to keep up with my daily duties, and sometimes just sitting down to write an assignment or read a textbook was a big challenge. While there is no cure for morning sickness, for the first three months I tried to get all my assignments and reading done in short sessions, making sure to take breaks.
That was really very hard for me, but later everything was fine.
Currently, my pregnancy is five and a half months old.

Stress prevention.
After I found out that I was actually pregnant, I was very confused because I had a lot of bad feelings and thoughts that made me sick from time to time. I was totally unhappy and regretted my mistake.

Mr. Edgar Mgembe (Schulbank e.V. program manager) noticed that I was constantly sick. This was the time when I had to tell him the truth, and he advised me to see a specialist in psychological issues, a gynecologist and, if possible, a priest to advise me on this matter. I got the right advice from all the places he recommended and they all advised me against abortion. Instead, I should be open in dealing with the pregnancy and accept it.

Now I’m not as stressed and I study very hard to ensure my success and achieve my goals. When I feel bad, the doctors give me instructions on what to do and give me the right medications to keep me and my baby safe.

Maintain my motivation
Preparing for the arrival of something as life-changing as a baby can pose a question about other commitments. However, it is important for me to assure you all that my studies have the potential to enhance my future life and career. I will not let you down in your support, and work very hard in all subjects. I do not plan to take a career break after the birth of my child if the delivery goes well. I hope that Almighty God will help me prepare for the birth and facilitate and support me in raising the child. Perhaps this child will one day become the president of the country or an employee of Schulbank eV.

A word of thanks.
I thank all the sponsors for continuing to love me and give me good wishes in this difficult environment. Thank you very much.

Note: Pregnancy during school and university years is associated with major problems and consequences for girls and women in Tanzania. It is not uncommon for those affected to be discriminated against. We have intentionally published this letter from our grantee, unaltered, to give you the perspective of a pregnant grantee in our program. Like many others, this student is above average in motivation and has been exceptionally successful in her educational journey thus far. For her, pregnancy does not mean turning away from her professional plans. We are proud of this and will of course continue to support them on their way.