A new face at Schulbank: Karibu Sana, Edgar Mgembe!

We are happy to announce our new Program Coordinator in Iringa and welcome Edgar Mgembe.

Edgar is 39 years old, married and proud father of 2 children. After having to interrupt his priestly training to take care of his parents, he successfully completed an education as a business administrator and accountant.For several years Edgar worked as a manager in a British company in Iringa. Edgar is still closely connected to the church today and chairs the local council of his church in Iringa.

Upon joining Schulbank, Edgar will take over the leadership of our Iringa office, replacing Destory Wilson in his role as Program Coordinator. Destory will continue to support Schulbank in the future and will be particularly active in the financial area for Schulbank. A good team, Karibu Sana!

For those who would like to welcome Edgar Mgembe: edgar.mgembe@schulbank.net,+255 717 143 430.